About Me


I treasure Dreams and Creativity as an infinite source of deep wisdom and guidance.  Dreams are deeply mysterious, yet incredibly tangible; offering us specific help and healing for every single aspect of our lives.

This heritage is offered to all, and connects us to our deepest self and spirit.  Dreams and Creativity can transform us and release new energy!

As a Dreamworker and Intuitive Artist, my intention is to offer others a deeper connection to their own dreams and creativity, so that each person can access their own inner knowing and wisdom to guide their lives. 

My hope is that our world can become a place where more and more people live by the wisdom of their dreams and intuition.  A world where we all can reclaim our inner power and learn to live in greater alignment with our authentic self. 

Dreams and Creativity offer us companionship along the journey of life; to navigate, shelter, protect and heal us.  You are welcome to step inside this site, and join me on the illuminating pathway of the dream. 

I offer 1:1 consultations (including online using zoom or skype), group workshops and dream circles, as well as intuitive art.  

Thanks for visiting!


Fiona Bell, MSc,
is a Dreamworker and Intuitive Artist.  A member of the
International Association for the Study of Dreams IASD, I presented at their 2016 International Conference in Rolduc, Netherlands, as part of a panel for WorldDreamsPeaceBridge.  One of my dreams is featured in the upcoming book by the IASD, ‘Dreams that Change Our Lives’.  I am also a member of several global dream groups, including dreaming for world peace, researching the psi aspects of dreaming and dreaming for personal awareness.  I have studied both Community Drama and Transpersonal Art Therapy.  I am Irish, living in N.Ireland, with Australian connections through my husband and son.  I am a registered Social Worker by profession, with many years experience in the Health Sector in both front line and managerial positions.  I have been passionately studying dreams for 25 years.

By the way – if you are interested in Dreams, then I highly recommend joining the IASD, International Association for the Study of Dreams!  It’s a wonderful dreaming community!