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As an Intuitive Artist, I engage with the process of art making as an expression of Soul. The communication of a sacred essence that seeks to be known. As I paint, I listen as the artwork speaks back to me……..

Birth of the Cosmos (Sold) A3 Giclee Print £45

Queen of Heaven (Sold)
A3 Giclee Print £45

Renamed Trust (Sold) A3 Giclee Print £45

A Still Point in Time (Sold). A3 Giclee Print £45 plus p&p

Shaman (Sold)
A3 and A4 Giclee Print available, £45 and £35 plus p&p respectively

Waterfall – Finding Our Way Home (Sold). A3 Giclee Print £45

Nameless (sold)
A3 Giclee Print £45

Homeward – Into the Deep (Special Commission)

Find Your Gold £220 plus p&p
A3 Giclee Print £45

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