I have been privileged to work with many people from across the globe, helping them to understand their dreams. Here are some of the things they have said…

“Amazing lady definitely worth a one to one helped me understand my dreams and can’t wait to do workshops with Fiona, made me feel so comfortable discussing my dreams” (L. N.Ireland)

“Thank you Fiona and fellow dreamers! Its been a great pleasure and joy! How i benefitted – gained insights into the dream world, the layers, symbols, meanings, associated feelings, memories etc & my own and others life’s questions/challenges etc. Can’t think of improvements in the workshop as I loved the richness of the day with meditation, talking, sharing, art, bodywork, roses and stones etc. It felt very wholesome/holistic and nurturing and respectful. Loved it! Would recommend it to anyone, and would do another one!” (CK Ireland 2017)

“I have learnt so much about the power of dreams, amazing how one dream has so much in it! I’ve loved and want more! The experience has been perfect! Thank you so much Fiona and our fab wee group!” (CJ Ireland) 2017)

“What an absolutely amazing workshop. The added bonus of the private group for a week is an awesome idea! This workshop has given me tools to help me remember my dreams. Love the insight others had as well. Absolutely love this wee group of people. I’ll miss u all. Fiona u are just amazing, keep up the great work. Can’t wait to do it all again.” (CD Ireland)

“I used to fear going to sleep with nightmares, now I look forward to it!”2017 (C Ireland)

“…terrific insight into my dream time and how it was relevant in guiding me with issues that were currently going on in my life…previously I found dream recall non existent but with the techniques Fiona taught me I can now remember my dreams in the morning a lot easier”. (GB Ireland) 2017

“Fiona is a highly skilled, empathic dream worker, I highly recommend her workshops” . (BH London)

“I had the great pleasure of attending a dream workshop last saturday with this highly skilled, generous of spirit, compassionate & wise woman Fiona Bell. It was an amazing day, enriching, insightful, meaningful, joyful, creative & wholesome. Dreams have fascinated me throughout my life and I have gained more knowledge & awareness of their richness, depths, messages & symbolism & their relevance to our lives, both individually and as communities and society. Many in the modern world have lost connection to this universal consciousness, it has been devalued or dismissed & we are the poorer for it. Indigenous cultures have kept the light alive of the wisdom to be gained from listening to and learning to interpret dreams as a guiding force at this crucial time of change in the world. I think it is vital to honour this other reality and the wisdom it offers so that both the rational and the intuitive, the conscious and the unconscious can play their part.” (CK Ireland)